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Ulmus hollandica 'Groeneveld' Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Common Names: GROENEVELD NETHERLAND ELM
Range: cultivated
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 7.

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76-72 Plants (2) from Princeton Nurseries (received as Ulmus hollandica 'Groeneveld').
1 - in Ulmaceae:
U-50/10-60 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
90796 Nancy Gavlak, 3232V90, 03 Apr 1990
90900 Nancy Gavlak, 3230V90, 03 Apr 1990
111475 Kim Altvatter, Beth Jarvis, 5584V93, 23 Apr 1993
121849 Marilyn Linden, Nancy Marino, Betty Jarz, 6515V94, 25 May 1994
121851 Marilyn Linden, Nancy Marino, Betty Jarz, 6516V94, 25 May 1994
29-2007 Grafts (12) from The Morton Arboretum growing on Ulmus understock (received as Ulmus hollandica 'Groeneveld').
2 - in Ulmaceae:
Y-50/15-74 (Google Maps)
Y-50/40-97 (Google Maps)