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Ulmus macrocarpa Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Common Names: LARGE-FRUITED ELM
Range: north and northeast China, Mongolia, e.Russia & Korea
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5.

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589-54 Graft from The Morton Arboretum (received as Ulmus davidiana Planch.).
1 - in China:
BB-62/81-93 (Google Maps)
2 - in Ulmaceae:
W-55/15-15 (Google Maps)
Y-52/25-70 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
28809 George H. Ware, 12 May 1972
28809 George H. Ware, 12 May 1972
122977 Webster Crowley, W-91, 03 Jun 1987
143142 Webster Crowley, W-184, 05 Apr 1988
155801 Matt Stephens, 9715V09, 03 Jul 2003
179-84 Plants (5) from Morton-Research The Morton Arboretum Research Program (received as Ulmus macrocarpa Hance).
1 - in Ulmaceae:
Y-51/24-27 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
111783 George H. Ware, 5712V93, 13 May 1993
121907 George H. Ware, 01 May 1994
286-95 Seed from Z Zhimming Beijing Botanical Garden Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy (received as Ulmus macrocarpa Hance). Wild collected. Site: hills west of Beijing, Beijing Shi NULL, China (PRC)
1 - in Ulmaceae:
W-52/28-29 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
168872 Marilyn Carle, Louise Sherman, Carol DeVries, 11283v08, 27 Aug 2008