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Ulmus 'Morton Plainsman' Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Trademark Names: VANGUARD ™
Common Names: HYBRID ELM
Range: cultivated
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8.

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273-97 Plant from Morton-Staff The Morton Arboretum-Staff (received as Ulmus 'Morton Plainsman' [/VANGUARD]).
1 - in Outpost Wild Garden:
NN-32/31-55 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
173584 Lee Bannon, Louise Sherman, 13324v12, 03 Apr 2012
4-2004 Grafts (30) from Morton-Research The Morton Arboretum Research Program growing on Ulmus pumila understock (received as Ulmus 'Morton Plainsman' [/VANGUARD]).
2 - in Ulmaceae:
Z-53/86-05 (Google Maps)
AA-53/23-22 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
172843 Kunso Kim, Bethany Hope Hayward Brown, 13020v11, 29 Jun 2011
156-2005 Plants (3) from J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. (received as Ulmus 'Morton Plainsman' [/VANGUARD]).
1 - along East Illinois 53:
F-38/19-51 (Google Maps)
1 - along the Tollway Berm:
AW-96/87-03 (Google Maps)