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Ulmus glabra Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Common Names: SCOTS ELM
Range: Europe to Caucasus, Turkey, Iran & Syria
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8.

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 553-2001 — Plants (4) from Morton-Research The Morton Arboretum Research Program (received as Ulmus glabra Huds.). Wild collected (No. RGE-1) on 26 Dec 2004. Site: along road between Bolnisi and Manglisi near Pantini southwest of Tibilisi, Georgia. Habitat: meadows with infrequent trees heavily grazed by sheep extensive erosion level area near road, Lat 41.4 N, Long 44.533333 E, Elevation 1400 m
3 - in Central & Western Asia:
CC-70/20-92 (Google Maps)
EE-70/42-01 (Google Maps)
FF-71/27-44 (Google Maps)
1 - in Ulmaceae:
T-51/92-96 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
167233 Shelley Sianta, Bethany Hope Hayward Brown, 11172v08, 22 Jul 2008
178343 Joan Dorrell, Gladys Connolly, Ken Potenberg, Bethany Hope Hayward Brown, 14067v14, 14 Jan 2014
178621 Ken Potenberg, Gladys Connolly, Joan Dorrell, 14106v14, 15 Apr 2014