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Ulmus davidiana var. japonica 'Morton' Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Trademark Names: ACCOLADE ®
Common Names: JAPANESE ELM
Range: cultivated
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 7.

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 495-2004 — Plants (2) from Beaver Creek Nursery, Inc. (received as Ulmus 'Morton' [/ACCOLADE]).
1 - along Entrance Drive-INACTIVE:
V-50/11-06 (Google Maps)
2 - along the Du Page River:
X-48/80-49 (Google Maps)
X-48/29-01 (Google Maps)
2 - at the Visitor Center Parking:
S-46/10-30 (Google Maps)
S-47/72-01 (Google Maps)
3 - in Ulmaceae:
V-49/94-72 (Google Maps)
W-49/62-40 (Google Maps)
X-49/12-14 (Google Maps)
1 - near Staff Parking:
L-41/35-12 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
167033 Evelyn Means, Joyce Beck, Laurie Glaysher, Shelley Sianta, 11120v08, 10 Jul 2008
173515 Bethany Hope Hayward Brown, Marlene Hahn, 13287v12, 26 Mar 2012
178355 Ken Potenberg, Joan Dorrell, Kate Lueders, 14094v14, 18 Feb 2014
178622 Ken Potenberg, Gladys Connolly, Joan Dorrell, 14107v14, 15 Apr 2014