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Ulmus gaussenii Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Common Names: ANHUI ELM
Range: China; Anhui Province
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5.

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 49-95 — Plants (5) from Morton-Research The Morton Arboretum Research Program (received as Ulmus gaussenii W.C.Cheng). Wild collected, Anhui Prov., China (PRC)
1 - in China:
Z-67/02-66 (Google Maps)
1 - in Ulmaceae:
W-50/01-17 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
167044 Jaime Weber, Shelley Sianta, 11088v08, 24 Jun 2008
170653 Jaime Weber, Shelley Sianta, 11088v08, 24 Jun 2008
173556 Ken Potenberg, Gladys Connolly, Kathy Matejka, 13316v12, 03 Apr 2012
178344 Ken Potenberg, Gladys Connolly, Joan Dorrell, 14069v14, 31 Jan 2014