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Ulmus parvifolia Ulmaceae — Elm FAMILY Common Names: LACEBARK ELM
Range: China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam - naturalized USA & India
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 - 10.

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 476-2006 — Cuttings (25) from The Morton Arboretum (received as Ulmus parvifolia var. coreana Nakai). Wild collected by Yinger, B (No. 2883) on 30 Dec 2009. Site: at Chonju Church, Korea Taean Up, Sosan Gun, South Chungchong NULL, Republic of Korea. Habitat: at edge of ditch in full sun
2 - in Korea:
P-66/53-60 (Google Maps)
P-66/66-21 (Google Maps)
3 - in Ulmaceae:
U-50/37-27 (Google Maps)
Y-54/51-90 (Google Maps)
Y-55/95-04 (Google Maps)
Associated herbarium specimens
179835 Ken Potenberg, Gladys Connolly, Joan Dorrell, Jose Garcia, 14333v14, 23 Sep 2014